The music to Hallowed is written and performed by Miles Moore
 Lyrics written and vocals performed by Allison LaBorde
Copyright © 2019 Miles Moore.  All Rights Reserved.


If you download the song (Download Single or Track) from above, you will be prompted to download either a mp3 file or a FLAC file to your listening device. 


MP3 file

If you want to download an mp3 file, nothing more is required than to download and listen to the file.  A mp3 does diminish the quality of the song somewhat in order to make the music file smaller.


FLAC file

If you select a FLAC file which is a compressed wav file, you will need a program to convert the FLAC (zipped file) back to a wav file.  The FREE link below will download an application to your computer that allows you to convert the FLAC file back to a wav file.  A FLAC file as contrasted to a mp3 file retains all of the original sound quality  - it simply compresses the file for faster download.

Go to the link below BEFORE you download a FLAC file to your computer.  This link goes to a FREE application that you can download to unzip the file to play on your computer.  You DO NOT need to go to this link if you selected to download an mp3 file.


FLAC file converters are also available on the app store for your your Smart Phone, if you wish to convert the file to mp3 on your mobile device.  This will allow you have both file formats on your Smart Phone.